Sunday, June 28, 2009

REALationship-the Benefit

I began this thread by pointing out that we are here for each other, that we are designed for REALationships, and that's why they are vital to us if we are to be emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy.

REALationships give us purpose. We find as we develop true relationship that all seems right with the world. Things don't bother us as much, and we find ourselves with great peace and joy even though our lives may be in total chaos. This is true life; this is true living, not merely existing.

What greater purpose in life could we have than bringing joy and happiness into the lives of those who commit to and trust us, and whom we commit to and trust? When we become givers, instead of takers, and discover ourselves wanting to give of ourselves more, we become the people we always hoped we would be. We become the people others hoped we would be.

Decide today that you will become a friend to someone that needs you to commit to them and trust them.

Their life will be changed.

Your life will be changed.

Dave and Jon had a REALationship. It was said of them that they committed to and trusted each other so much that it was as if there hearts were one. You would think that they would be the last ones to have a REALationship, because of their situation.

You see, Jon's father Sol was grooming Jon to take over the family business. However, the Dad, who was the owner and still had controlling interest in the business, had passed over Jon and picked Dave to run the company after Sol retired. Dave was simply better qualified. Even Jon recognized this. Sol didn't think so and this greatly upset him; he didn't like this up and coming executive Dave, and had in fact tried to eliminate him a couple of times already. Because the announcement had already been made as to Dave's future with the company, made clear by the HR director Sam, Sol did his very best to destroy Dave. Little did Sol know how close Dave and Jon had become.

Dave was so afraid of Sol that he went out of town during the time of a very important board meeting. He asked Jon to see if Sol had honored his promise to not try to get rid of him. So Jon went to the board meeting, explaining that Dave was absent due to some family business that he had to attend to. This was the test; if Sol was OK with this then Jon knew that Sol had kept his word to not try and destroy Dave. However, upon hearing the news Sol exploded. He accused Jon of siding with Dave over him, and even pointed out that this didn't make sense because Jon knew Dave would run the company after Sol retired.

Jon went out and met with Dave to give him the news. This greatly upset both of them, because they knew Dave would have to take a leave of absence until Sol had either calmed down or retired. Jon asked Dave to be kind to him and his family once Dave took over the company. Dave promised he would. Jon and Dave then parted company, each weeping over the knowledge that they may never see each other again.

They in fact never did see each other again. Sol and Jon were on a business trip together when they were killed. Dave mourned greatly over both of them.

After taking over the company, Dave looked for someone in Jon's family to show kindness to for the sake of Jon. He found Jon's handicapped son was around, so Dave adopted him, taking him into his own house.

See, Dave and Jon understood REALationship. They were givers, not takers. Sol, on the other hand, was a taker to the extreme.

Which of the characters in this story are you? Are you a Dave and Jon, or a Sol?

Which do you want to be?

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Make the right choice so you can make a difference in someone's life today!

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