Saturday, July 4, 2009

Commitment-the Bricks of the Relationship Building

I can think of few days more appropriate to begin the thread on commitment than Independence Day. It was on this day, about 230 years ago, that a few men recognized how a multitude of men had fully committed to something better and greater than themselves. What stronger statement of commitment can be made than for one to give their life for the greater good? In the immortal words of Mr. Spock, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." What greater statement can be made in proving ones commitment?

This is perhaps THE truest definition of commitment: to give of your all for someone else. I see that as the most demonstrative way to prove you are committed to someone. When you think of them before yourself and place them above yourself, you show you are committed to them. Even in the face of fear, when imminent danger is present, to act in betterment of others without thought to self is the ultimate demonstration of commitment to them. Our troops, in the Revolutionary War as well as in all wars since, showed their understanding of what real commitment is. Should you happen to bump into a soldier today, or ever, be sure to thank them for their commitment to, and sacrifice for, you and me.

So how should this be lived in our daily lives? Selflessly. Total, complete, selflessness. It is anything but easy. It does, however, demonstrate more completely and in the highest way possible your commitment toward the one to whom you are living selflessly. No other action, no other words, nothing else can show your commitment more strongly and more perfectly than to live a selfless life toward someone. It is important to show your commitment. To tell someone you are committed and yet to show that you think of yourself first, is the epitome of lies and deception. With commitment especially, our actions truly do speak so loud that no one can hear a word we say. This is a good thing, in that our true heart and intentions are clearly seen and lived.

Over the next few posts, we will look at commitment in depth, examining exactly what it is and how we go about letting those to whom we are committed, know without a doubt our commitment to them. This is one more step we take in establishing and identifying the REALationships that we enjoy with those whom we have, and are, committing to.

Until next time, think about this:

How do you make it crystal clear that you are committed to someone?

How do you know someone is totally committed to you?

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Trent Mason said...

Very true and very well written. It had been a long time since I'd felt that type of commitment, until I met Christy. Both giving and receiving. I had been thinking for myself for so long and in my day to day life, I was surrounded by others who did the same. Then, once I saw and felt how selfless Christy was toward me, it summoned up the most beautiful feeling I've ever felt. Since then, I have dedicated myself to being selfless toward her and others and also to continually improve. Thanks for sharing Jerry. I hope that this feedback may be useful and I am looking forward to further installments and discussions.