Saturday, June 20, 2009

What is it that REALLY matters?

Many over the years have mused as to exactly what our purpose in life is. Some have suggested that we are here with no purpose whatsoever. Others say we simply exist to enjoy life while we're here. Still others think that we are a blight on the earth, here only to use up and exhaust all of earth's resources.

I think we're here for each other.

I was just talking to the receptionist at my hair choppers. She lost her dad last year due to cancer. He was not very old; probably about my age, if not a bit older. Jennifer was blessed by the fact that as her dad came to the end of his life, he realized what many never do until they are in the same place. He did not wish he had spent more time at the office. In fact, he regretted the way he had been ever focused on and all consumed by his job. He was not bothered by having missed more opportunities to play and recreate. He wished-GREATLY- that he had invested his time in his family.

Jennifer went on to say that what was such a blessing for her in this unpleasantness was to learn this lesson at such a young age. Her life, though never again normal, is forever changed. Changed to the point that she now has a passion to work in a field where she can help others recognize the important while minimizing their focus on the unimportant.

Relationships. THAT is what really matters.

Spending time with and investing in those who love you, and those whom you love, is the greatest way imaginable to go through life. We desire and crave relationships because it is how we are designed. I can think of no misery greater than a life without love, and true love can only exist within relationships.

A life without love is no life at all; it is merely an existence.

Do not let this day end without letting those who love you, and those whom you love, know without any doubt that they are loved. Relationships are the spice of life, not variety. True relationships are what we all crave and value most in life. When all else fails; when everything and everyone abandons us; when life is falling apart all around us; it is those we are in true relationship with that are our strength, our song.

Sing the song of love to someone today. You'll never live to regret it. When the end of your life comes, you will have known that sweet joy of relationship, and it will be that very thing that you will be forever remembered for.

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