Friday, August 14, 2009

The Choice of Commitment

The statement that "no man is an island" is never more true than we see it being lived out today. Since we are designed for relationships, it makes perfect sense that every person, regardless of age, creed, sex, or any other category we may fit into, has a need for commitment. A need to be committed to, and a need to commit to someone else. So how is this lived out? What does a commitment look like?

Just how DO we commit?

Commitment is a choice. It is a decision. Not a one-time thought, but a continual action of the will. To commit to someone is to decide to be there....and be there....and be there. Regardless of the circumstances or outcome.

This is a total giving of self for the greater good of someone else. How better could we show our love and care for someone than to be there for them whenever they require our presence? This is the descriptive living of selflessness. This brings such joy into our lives, because we find meaning in it. Many over the years have sought out the answer to the question "Why am I here?" which is answered at least in part by knowing that through commitment we are serving a purpose much greater than just living in our own little world. Through this decision we see that we can be committed to someone and not just involved with them.

I am reminded of a conversation between a chicken and a pig. The chicken was complaining about the farmer. "That farmer comes and takes all my eggs" the chicken was saying, "and just uses me as a source for his food. I don't think it's right for that farmer to take advantage of me this way. I mean, has the farmer ever considered the impact this has on me? How I feel so pressured to produce every day just so he can have his breakfast?" The pig listened patiently to the chicken's diatribe. The chicken's final complaint was "I just don't think the farmer ever realizes how much of a sacrifice I give for him." It was at this point that the pig spoke up and said, "I really don't see where you have such a sacrifice to make in the farmer's breakfast. You see, you are just involved; I am committed to his ham & egg breakfast."

Now that is real commitment!

Let's live today and every day, seeking how we can be ham to someone and not just eggs!

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